Cannabis Marketing FAQ

We've curated a list of answers to the most pressing cannabis marketing and advertising questions. Start here to begin navigating the industry with confidence.

Questions About Most

Do you offer full consulting services?

Yes, we are a full-service cannabis consulting agency that specializes in strategy, marketing, advertising, and design. We possess the knowledge and resources to consult you on virtually any project and every aspect of operations, hiring, licensing, transportation, and more.

What are the benefits of working with a consulting firm?

As a manager or business owner, working with us helps you save valuable time that could be used to grow your company. With our expertise in the cannabis industry, we are able to cut down on time it takes for you to learn all of the nuances of the cannabis industry, including rules and regulations, target audiences, and more. Learn more about our philosophy when working with new clients.

What is the consulting process when working with MOST?

Everything we do starts with strategy. We work with you to determine your strengths, weakenesses, and opportunities for growth. From there, we are equipped to help you implement tactics that we identify, while being in constant communication with you through weekly phone meetings and strategy sessions.

How are you different from other marketing agencies?

Our collaborative approach gives your business a strategic partnership instead of an outsourcing option. We become a part of your team, consulting you, and guiding you through the entire process. We are not just a marketing and advertising agency but have the knowledge and resources to consult on virtually any project.

Are your services offered bundled or a la carte?

Our services can be bundled or a la carte. Marketing and advertising are not a one-size-fits-all approach, so we develop custom plans. Because we work with both start-ups and established companies, our services are always tailored to your needs and objectives.

Can you help me acquire the necessary licenses to sell cannabis?

Yes, we do complete licensing applications, security plans, business plans, environmental impact plans, and market research. We have assisted many companies in developing winning applications in a variety of states.

Do you work with cannabis cultivators?

Yes, we work with both cannabis and hemp cultivators on go-to-market strategies, advertising, operations, and other services.

Do you work in every state where cannabis is legal?

Yes, we work in both adult-use and medical states. With our experience, we can tailor our services to abide by the regulations in your state.

Do you work with companies outside of the US?

Yes. We primarily work in the U.S. and Canada but have worked in South America and Europe as well. We can work with companies anywhere.

How long have you been in the cannabis industry?

We have been in the cannabis industry for twelve years, giving us experience in every sector and with every type of cannabis company. We have seen the industry grow from its infancy and know what it takes to innovate and push companies forward.

Cannabis Marketing and Advertising Questions

Are paid cannabis ads illegal?

In short, it depends. Your ability to advertise greatly depends on the state you’re in and the channel you’re looking to advertise through. Many platforms like Google and Facebook prohibit ads from cannabis companies due to federal laws, but there are alternative methods available to you. Digital display ads and retargeting can also be used to stay in front of potential customers on third-party sites, and many forms of traditional advertising are available to cannabis companies, like magazines, featured articles, and more.

How do I market cannabis in states where it is legal?

You can market your cannabis company effectively through PR, digital marketing, advertising, events, and more. The specific strategy and tactics you should use depend greatly on your target audience, the market you’re in, and other factors. We can help you formulate a strategy that is right for your company, state, and target market.

Can I advertise CBD oil/hemp?

CBD and hemp are considered legal at the federal level, but you’ll still face some restrictions when trying to advertise products online. This legal grey area often gets companies in trouble when they don’t follow the specific ad guidelines of each platform. Check out our CBD Marketing Guide to get started in the right direction when marketing and advertising your CBD brand.

Is it illegal to advertise cannabis paraphernalia?

Smoking paraphernalia cannot be promoted on social media through paid ads, which include bongs and rolling papers. Some cannabis paraphernalia can be if it is advertised for tobacco use only. However, there are organic methods of marketing to get the word out about these types of products.

Can I sell cannabis on social media?

No. It is illegal to sell cannabis directly from social media, which has led to many dispensary accounts getting banned. Having managed these campaigns, we know what to avoid and how to keep your account safe.

How can I promote my cannabis brand legally on social media?

Organic marketing is important for dispensaries to establish a digital presence. The content you’re creating should be native to the platform and be curated specifically for your target audience. Make sure to follow the social media ad regulations when creating organic content.

Which social media platforms should I market on?

This depends on your company and target market, but we’ve seen the most success with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Can I use Google Ads to promote my cannabis business?

Only for hemp products, which there are a few considerations to get the ads approved. Google has very rigid guidelines for what words can be displayed in ad copy and on website landing pages. If Google disapproves of one of your company’s ads, each advertisement after will have to go through a manual review, which can be a long process. This is where we can help you by creating a cannabis advertising campaign that suits your company.

What can I put onto a cannabis billboard?

Each state has different laws for what is allowed on billboards. It is best to check with the department of health and local government to see what your municipality allows on cannabis billboards. For example, Pennsylvania does not allow product pictures on any billboards.

Do my ads need to be pre-approved by authorities?

Yes, in some states. Each state has different laws pertaining to cannabis ads. Having worked in each medical and adult-use market, we can consult you to determine the necessary steps that need to be taken to advertise legally and in compliance with state regulations.

Is email marketing effective in the cannabis industry?

Yes, but it is not for everyone. Email marketing can drive sales if it is used effectively and creatively. Email marketing could have adverse effects if it comes across to prospective buyers as spammy and ingenuine.

Is content marketing worth it?

Yes. While a bit cliche, the saying “content is king” holds true in the cannabis industry, where thought leadership and creativity go a long way. Use your platforms to create valuable content like blogs, infographics, videos, podcasts, and more to attract and your target audience.

Should I create a cannabis blog for my website?

Yes. When done correctly, blogging can be an effective form of content marketing. Blogs give you an opportunity to increase your engagement with prospective customers and rank for keywords related to your business.

How can I differentiate my products from the rest of the market?

In an industry where brand loyalty is still evolving, strong brand identity and bold packaging can help you stand out to new customers. We can help you establish your internal brand (purpose, mission, core values) and external (logos, colors, typography, etc.) that all other aspects of your business will be built upon. For example, if your business values sustainability, this can be communicated through your visual assets, packaging, and other pieces to make your business stand out.

Should I purchase a Certificate of Analysis (COA) test?

Yes, this would be beneficial in almost all cases. As the cannabis industry becomes more mature, quality assurance and safety tests are more of a requirement than a value add. We can help point you in the right direction to pursue a COA test.

How do I determine my target market?

Determining your target market is very important in the early stages of your business development and marketing strategy. You should do this by conducting market research, which includes focus groups and surveys to find out specific information on your target market. We offer cannabis market research services that you can inquire about before you start your next marketing campaign.

What is the best website builder for a cannabis dispensary?

Generally, we’ve found WordPress and Shopify to be the best options because of their customization ability. However, these platforms will not work for every company for a variety of reasons, including payment processing, e-commerce capabilities, and other factors.

How often should I update my website?

You should update current information, announcements, visuals, etc. on a weekly/monthly basis, depending on your needs. We recommend a complete rebuild and refresh every 2-3 years to keep your design current.

What should my marketing budget be?

It depends on what you’re looking to achieve with your campaign. Contact us for a consultation, and we can help recommend a budget to meet your goals.

How can I track my return on investment?

Like most effective strategies and investments, marketing and advertising are long-term plays. You are not going to see a significant profit in a month or two, but give it time, and you can build a lasting foundation.

How long will it take to see positive results from marketing initiatives?

This depends on a variety of factors, including competition, the market, and internal factors. Especially in this industry, clients see varying results based on where the business is located and what the laws are in each state or country. Competition is also greatly increasing, especially in the CBD market, which makes it even more important to have a strong differentiator for your product. We’ve seen results take as little as a month to as long as eight months, depending on the campaign, goals, and other considerations.

What is SEO? Should I use it for my marketing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. This organic traffic is not paid for and is created by building an SEO-friendly website with relevant keywords, content, and links. Our team can help you create a great website and plan an effective SEO campaign that will make you more visible on Google.