We collaborate with you to define, prioritize, and plan how to position your company and achieve growth through marketing, advertising, design, and operations. 

As a cannabis consultant, our mastery of strategy development and positioning of companies, products, and services set us apart from your average marketing agency, branding company, and PR firm that only focus on those specific services.

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Strategy Services

Marketing & Advertising Plans


Developing a thoughtful and strategic marketing plan is one of the many keys to success when launching a new company, product, or service.

When developing a marketing plan, it’s important to identify on which channels you need to have a presence, what is the strategy for each of those channels, who is going to execute on those strategies, and at what pace will it be done.

We have developed and executed hundreds of marketing plans over the past 11 years. We always develop a marketing plan before executing any marketing initiatives. 


Determining where to advertise and how to allocate spend to different mediums can be tricky. Billboards, digital, social media, etc. can all be great avenues, but they are not great for every product and brand. 

Each company’s goals are different, thus the mediums through which you advertise, as well as, the creative direction for those specific ads should speak to what you are looking to achieve. When developing advertising plans, we dissect all possible advertising mediums, and develop copy and creative.

Go to Market Strategies

Developing a go-to-market strategy is of the utmost importance when bringing any product, service, or brand to market. We develop action plans to dominate in new markets by developing customer personas, marketing, and advertising strategies, brand positioning, and more. 

A go-to-market strategy is necessary to ensure success post-launch. To date, we have launched 100’s of brands, products, and services.

We have the capability, knowledge, and leadership ability to consult on virtually any project. We have developed sales teams, hired employees, trained management, and led cap raises, among many other things. Our diverse skill sets and cannabis consulting experience allow us to pass seamlessly through a variety of engagements and provide a full offering of cannabis business services.

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Application Writing

We have written applications for dispensaries, cultivators, and processors in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Missouri, Ohio, Massachusetts and, Illinois.

The opportunities for growth in the cannabis industry are abundant, but there are rigorous application processes to become a licensed operator. Composing these applications without an experienced team like MOST can be a daunting task. 

Our expertise and knowledge on how to run dispensaries and cultivation facilities, as well as what to include in applications, gives us the ability to write strong applications to put your company in the best position to be awarded a license in whichever state you choose to apply.

Merchant Services

  • Payment & Credit Card Processing 

  • Banking

  • POS Systems

  • E-Commerce

  • ATM’s

  • Invoicing

  • Menu Integration

  • Armored Cash and Product Transport

Our Approach to Cannabis Consulting

Strategy is the most important piece to executing a campaign or completing a project successfully. This is the basis of every campaign we run here. As we onboard with a new client or launch a new project we always work to establish a strategy before executing on anything. We are drivers of corporate strategy for large multi-state operators, as well as drivers of fundraising strategies for startups. We are the best strategic partner for any project, because for 11 years, we have done it all, and we have done it well.