We are a team of cannabis marketing and advertising experts who have lived the cannabis industry for over 11 years.

In a congested industry where it is increasingly harder to market and differentiate as a brand, we have proven time and time again that we are not only capable, but we meet the challenge despite the marketing and advertising restrictions placed on our industry.

cannabis marketing services

Cannabis SEO

SEO is a complex process that requires meticulous adherence to the details. It is a process that we have mastered through years of strategizing and testing.
We take the time to research your competitors, analyze the market, and prepare a strategy unique to your company. We have developed and executed on hundreds of SEO campaigns.

Being in a competitive industry, we take an approach to SEO that not only increases your rankings in Google but engages customers.

market research

Market research is an extremely important step to take at the beginning of a project. We have been hired to conduct market research for clients for many different reasons such as, whether or not to make an investment, whether or not to launch an application bid in a specific state, whether or not to acquire a company in a specific state, and more. Outside of specific projects that we have been hired to conduct market research, we conduct our own market research before beginning any consulting, design, marketing, or paid media engagement. It’s important for us to understand what the market looks like, because that dictates what our marketing efforts look like, the scope of our paid media initiatives, and what branding/design work we would do for a newly launched company. Market research helps us make sound decisions that are based on data in the market. If you are looking to start a new project, this is the first step that we recommend.

go-to-market strategies
Developing a go-to-market strategy is of the utmost importance when bringing any product, service, or brand to market. We develop action plans to dominate in new markets by developing customer personas, marketing, and advertising strategies, brand positioning, and more.
A go-to-market strategy is necessary to ensure success post-launch. To date, we have launched 100’s of brands, products, and services.
marketing & paid media budgets

During every initial consultation we have with an interested prospective client, we always ask what their budget is. It’s important to understand and establish a budget, not only when hiring a company like ours, but for anything you do in business. If you have investors, they are going to want to see a budget to understand what their investment is being spent on. If you’re bootstrapping with friends and family support, you’ll need a budget so that you can stretch your dollars. 

In terms of paid media, we always establish a budget with our clients prior to starting an engagement. We need to understand how much money they have available and allocated for things such as billboards, programmatic, Google Ads, tradeshows, and more. We then take that budget as well as the company’s goals, and formulate a paid media strategy that details which mediums and outlets the paid media budget will go. As part of this process, we set goals for this specific budget and how we can identify success.

& sponsorhips

Plan your next event with our cannabis event marketing. We have done everything from grand opening events for stores, to music events with major artists and brands, to pop-up events for new product launches.
Beyond hosting and planning events, we are heavily involved with all of the major trade shows and have facilitated speaking engagements and unique sponsorship packages for our clients.


customer acquisition

Without customers a business can not exist. We work with companies to develop customer acquisition strategies. For startups this process is a lot different than for established companies. When starting your business you can develop your rollout plan as you launch in the market. People don’t know who you are but through marketing and paid media, you make them familiar with your company. For medical markets, customers are patients, so there is a whole different process that must be dealt with carefully, because after all you exist to help people who need medical marijuana. 

For more established brands that are suffering from a loss of sales, or lack of growth, a new customer acquisition process can prove to be quite difficult. We have worked with many companies who have hired us to do just that. Whether that be through a rebrand, selling off part of the company, restructuring your offerings/products/services, or launching a new division. All are solutions, and there are many more beyond that.

social media & influencers

Despite the many restrictions the cannabis industry faces across all social media platforms, a strong social media presence is still extremely important for all cannabis industry companies. Limitations on paid advertising on social media continue to plague our industry, as well as accounts being deleted and shadow banned effectively negating their reach. We understand how to work within these restrictions to ensure that your account is kept safe and free from bans. Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok all play a very important role in marketing for our clients and we utilize all three platforms to reach their customers.

Influencer marketing works extremely well for companies operating in the cannabis space and similar verticals. There are some restrictions that must be followed, especially in medical states where social media content and partnerships with influencers must be submitted to the state health organizations for approval. Outside of those restrictions, adult use states see tremendous success when working with influencers. We have established influencer partnerships with the UFC, athletes in other pro sports, musicians, and individuals that have influence locally.

public relations

During our 11 years in business, we have established relationships with all major publications and journalists who cover the cannabis industry.

Our personal relationships allow us to pitch stories, interviews, and ideas to the journalists and outlets who cover them. Cannabis PR is all about relationships, and we have them.

our approach to cannabis marketing

Our marketing campaigns vary greatly by company and brand, with no two strategies being the same.

An approach that works for dispensary marketing may not work for CBD marketing. When approaching any new project we establish an overall marketing strategy and then define the marketing channels and marketing initiatives for that specific project. The approach of each campaign will vary depending on the goals and objectives of the campaign. We work with our clients to define this through a series of on-boarding calls, and strategy sessions before beginning marketing a company, brand, product, or service.