cannabis design

Proper branding and design is even more important for cannabis companies as they face many restrictions on paid advertising.

Our industry is new and consumers base their purchasing decisions on how packaging looks and how brands creatively present themselves through design. We understand this, so we develop brands which will be successful today and stand the test of time.

cannabis design services

cannabis Web Design

Our team of designers can achieve any look, feel, and desired effect for your website. From content development to imagery, to the user experience, we customize every aspect of your site so your company stands out and leaves a lasting impression. Your website is your brand story.

MOST was recently named one of the top web designers in Philadelphia by DesignRush.
cannabis branding

Branding is who you are. It is your identity, it is what people see and feel when they hear about your company. Developing a great brand identity to align with your mission and what you are selling will make all the difference as you grow your company.

We will work with you to develop your brand colors, fonts, logo, imagery, packaging, messaging, and tagline. We will work with you from the concept and sketches stage through final designs and brand direction.

cannabis package design
& production
We are in the beginning stages of the cannabis industry. There is tremendous opportunity for companies and brands to establish themselves as the go to brands. This all starts with packaging.
Most of the time, when customers make their first purchase of a product, they choose the product they are buying based on how the packaging looks and feels.
Packaging isn’t only the design, it’s much more than that, it is the customer experience. It’s how it feels in your hands, how it affects the customers mood, and how it portrays your brand and your messaging. We understand all of this. We have the capability to create any exciting custom design. We have relationships with many packaging production companies with whom we work to achieve the final look and feel of the packaging.
Print Materials
Print materials include brochures, business cards, flyers, mailers, banners, signs, window decals, etc.
We design and print using advanced types of printing like embossing, gloss fonts, UV fonts, hemp paper, etc. so that people want to actually read your print materials.
In-Store & 
Trade Show Displays
We have designed and developed trade show experiences ranging from 10×10 pop-ups to 40×20 walk-ins.
In-store displays can vary from a simple point of purchase box to window displays, to entire in-store experiences. We have done it all, and we do it well.

Interior and exterior signage is an important component to any retail, manufacturing, or cultivation buildout. Exterior signage can consist of backlit logo/branding symbol signage on the exterior wall of a dispensary or manufacturing facility. Understanding how to manufacture these and design them can be a difficult task to tackle on your own. We work with many manufacturers across the country and have designed custom exterior signage for clients in many states. If you are on a major road it could be a good idea to get a tall sign on the edge of your property indicating that your business is there. This is especially true for dispensaries. We have designed and installed signage in dispensary parking lots, that achieves this.

Interior signage can mean and do many different things. Signage can be used as a waypoint for customers to navigate a dispensary, it can indicate certain sections of the retail facility for flower, oil, or general merchandise. We have incorporated brand imagery and taglines into interior signage so that the interior of the dispensary reflects the brand mission and values. There are many types of signage that you can use and we have experience with all of them. Whether that be neon, backlit, projectors, painted, printed, and more. Signage is an important part of the customer experience and we understand that better than anyone.

floor plans

The cannabis industry consists of many regulations and compliance measures that companies and application hopefuls must follow. When submitting any application in any state, there is always a security component. We understand how security and safety need to be incorporated into a floor plan in order to be approved by a state. Security is only one piece of a floorplan but in the eyes of the state, it is the most important. We also think about the customer experience and we work with architects and developers on our clients behalf to bring ours and our clients vision to light. In short, developing a floor plan must be approached to satisfy two different types of thinking – the thinking of regulators and states, and the thinking of the customer.

Some things that you should be thinking about when designing a retail facility are lighting, seating, POS, ATMS, ID checks, security booth, loading zone, office space, retail floor, shelving/casing, and more. When designing cultivation and manufacturing facilities we think about lighting, space for drying and trimming, clone rooms, etc., and how they all fit together.

Most architects, engineers, and construction companies have little to no experience working with licensed cannabis companies. Where we come in, is we help move the process along and navigate regulations as we understand the industry and what needs to happen during the buildout process.

our approach to cannabis design

Our approach for any design project always begins with a brainstorming and strategy sesh with our design team and our client.

The processes when developing a brand or logo vs a billboard or flyer are much different. When designing marketing or advertising materials, our design team collaborates with our marketing team to ensure the designs fall in line with the objectives of the marketing campaign. Often times when developing or launching a new brand or product we are heavily involved in product development and user experience design. Regardless of the type of project, we strive for innovation and creativity at all angles.