The Cannabis Business Coach Podcast Featuring Claudia Post

Hosted by Michael Zaytsev

The Cannabis Business Coach Michael Zaytsev interviews and coaches Claudia Post, the CEO and Founder of Most Consulting Group.

Claudia entered the Cannabis industry with decades of entrepreneurship experience. For the past 12 years, she's run a Cannabis marketing agency. Claudia shares about the 2 exciting, new Cannabis businesses she's currently launching, the simple question that leads to true innovation, how to get started in the industry, as well as timeless business advice from two of her greatest mentors. She offers insights about the importance of developing resilience, building a supportive and complementary team, and how to authentically reinvent yourself as entrepreneurs must do from time to time.

In the coaching portion, Mike Z helps Claudia think differently about leveraging her existing client relationships for finding investment capital for her new ventures.

In this episode, Claudia and Michael discuss:

  • Being the proud mother of renowned glass artist @Snicbarnes and entering the Cannabis business upon her son’s insistence

  • Starting a Cannabis marketing agency 12 years ago

  • The importance of being a good listener and a great prospector

  • Claudia’s experience building a transportation and logistics courier company and running that for many years

  • How a college intern graduated to becoming Claudia's business partner and why Claudia loves working with millennials and younger people

  • The difficulty of dealing with quarantine as a very social, people-oriented person

  • Why the captain must go down with the ship and how being a leader means having to take care of and be responsible for your team

  • The simple question that leads to true innovation

  • How to get started in the Cannabis industry

  • Timeless business advice from two of her greatest mentors