Leading the Cannabis Revolution with Claudia Post

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Unless you’re living in the dark ages, you know or have heard or even seen how cannabis has become THE hot topic in our country. From CBD to legalizing marijuana, cannabis is the girlfriend everyone wants to date or is dying to be. It’s why we decided to bring on a trailblazer in this space, who has been on the front lines of this trend for over a decade. Not to mention, this person is a woman, working in [what was] a very masculine space. For all these reasons and more I was eager and excited to talk to Claudia Post.

Claudia Post is an award-winning and seasoned leader, business owner, nonprofit executive and experienced problem solver with the ability to steer change and transform organizations. As a dynamic strategic thinker and influential change agent, Post consistently demonstrates commitment, leadership and vision. She has proven her effectiveness in cultivating and leveraging professional relationships throughout organizations and across industries.

Post founded Diamond Courier Service, Inc., a same day, time-critical, bicycle and car delivery service. As she built the company from one location and four employees into the national Diamond Transportation Group, Inc. with 10 locations, over 350 employees, and enhanced vertical services, revenue escalated and Diamond became a multi-million-dollar organization.

Post most recently founded Claudia Post Advisors, a marketing, sales, logistics, and management consulting company. As a facilitator, Claudia Post enables organizations and individuals to realize their full potential. She uses her entrepreneurial and leadership skills to assist others in developing pathways for growth and accomplishment. As a catalyst, she can spark innovation and cultivate vision among her clients.

As a community leader Post has served as a director, officer, committee chair, and/or advisor to scores of educational, business and industry associations, and nonprofit organizations. Additionally, Post has been a teacher, mentor and advocate helping entrepreneurs to develop business, personal, and professional skills.

Having recognized cannabis as the next frontier, Post founded Smokin’ Hot Solutions - which focuses on digital marketing communications for the industry. Armed with a tremendous amount of knowledge and a huge network of connections in the industry, she distinguishes her agency by being at the forefront of all things cannabis related. Equipped with a wealth of business acumen, she connects the dots for her clients.