Jimmy Young Q&A


Meet Jimmy Young, the Founder and President of Pro Cannabis Media, a 24/7 source for news and industry coverage.

Jimmy's unique journey has taken him from live sports broadcasting to the cannabis industry. Take a look into Jimmy's background, his vision for the industry, and how Pro Cannabis Media is helping to document the end of cannabis "prohibition" across the country.

Describe your journey into the cannabis industry. How and when did it happen?

When I walked into the New England Cannabis Convention in Boston in March of 2018, I had never been to a cannabis trade show, or an advocacy event, even though I held a medical card from Massachusetts. That’s when I started my first interview show In The Weeds with Jimmy Young. 250 episodes later…we now distribute 8-10 shows a week, including a majority from other producers, and live stream 24-7 on ROKU and APPLE. As far as my personal use of cannabis, I’m 64 and have lived to tell the story that I have used this product daily for 40 of those 64 years including 10 years off when my now 31-year-old son was born in 1990.

What do you hope to achieve with Pro Cannabis Media?

We have already achieved my dream of a network of producers contributing content to a 24-7 channel that live streams news, information, talk, and educational content for the cannabis industry. We have become the Talk of the Cannabis Industry over the past two years, and we are now being called the CNBC for Weed on the Internet. I’ll take that! Now, who wants to reach our audience and support our efforts because monetization of our content is paramount in 2022.

What is Pro Cannabis Media doing differently than other media/news outlets in the space?

We give industry advocates a professional voice and professional production of content in their own words. We aren’t out to sensationalize the normal growing pains of any multi-billion dollar industry, but we aren’t going to shy away from any mistakes made by a fledgling industry. Instead of embellishing, we are fair in our coverage.

You recently launched “Calling All Growers.” What should people know about the new workshop?

Our new show Calling All Growers with Liz Grow, a High Times TV personality, is live on the second Wednesday of every month at 8 PM EST. Two weeks after that, on the 4th Wednesday of every month,  we ask our guests from that first show to return and share tips and educational content in a workshop webinar. That is accessible for interaction for registrants, and subscribers.

What are your hopes for the future of the cannabis industry as a whole? Any specific changes or advancements you’d like to see?

Decriminalization at the Federal level and expungement of records of all incarcerated people for non-violent cannabis crimes especially possession, plus open the damn banking system to the industry!

Describe your perfect day at Pro Cannabis Media. What energizes and motivates you?

Receiving feedback from our followers who appreciate the respect we have for the plant, the industry, and the people in this industry. My goal as an educator is to train and recruit an army of news correspondents who will document the end of the prohibition of cannabis in their states. My hope is to take me off the “air” and replace myself with younger, more vibrant talent.

How can people find and connect with Pro Cannabis Media?

We have our videos on-demand and live streaming on our ROKU channel, and Apple TV channel under “streaming channels”. That Roku feed is embedded on our website procannabismedia.com and when you check it out, click on the PCM TV tab. We also have examples of our work on our YouTube Channel,  Twitch.tv/procannabismedia, LinkedIn live,, Facebook, and links on Instagram and Twitter. When we go live, live streaming, we share our content simultaneously across our network of platforms.