Influencer Marketing Case Study

Learn how we helped Ducking High, a cannabis card game, generate over one million views and shatter their sales goals.

Project Overview

What Do You Meme is a popular game company inspired by pop culture and the digital age. Their first breakthrough game, What Do You Meme, quickly became Amazon’s #1 best-selling game after launching in 2016. After the success of their first game, What Do You Meme expanded into the cannabis space by launching the card game Ducking High.

Seeking a marketing partner with cannabis industry experience, What Do You Meme brought us on to coordinate an influencer campaign in preparation for the 4/20 holiday. Our campaign goals were to direct traffic to the Ducking High page on Amazon and to build brand awareness for the other games that What Do You Meme offers.

Ducking High

Ducking High is a party game designed to elevate your night with crazy questions that’ll lead you and your friends into out-of-this-world conversations. Targeted toward cannabis consumers, this game challenges players to use their “enhanced” minds to think of funny, over-the-top, sometimes brilliant answers to the mind-bending questions.


Our Approach

When starting the influencer campaign, we sought to identify and qualify creators whose content aligned with Ducking High and the What Do You Meme brands.

What Do You Meme provided guidelines for the content. It was then up to our team to choose influencers that could leverage their creativity to produce engaging and dynamic content that drove sales. 

Similarly, we had to be strategic with the platforms we utilized. Given that the product is best displayed through video, we ultimately decided on three platforms:

1. Instagram

Instagram was our top choice for this campaign as it is heavily video-based. We wanted to properly utilize the Reels section to generate the highest engagement possible. Reels are performing really well on the platform currently.

2. TikTok

TikTok creators were an excellent fit for our campaign, given the strong presence of Gen Z and Millennial users, who where our primary demographic for this campaign.

3. YouTube

The best way to showcase Ducking High is by watching players answer the questions with friends. YouTube was perfect for this because it hosts longer-form content to give viewers a better look into the game.

In total, we selected and partnered with eleven widely known Influencers of various sizes on the platforms mentioned above. The account sizes ranged from 200k followers, to 2 million+.

The Results

The campaign successfully produced 28 pieces of original content, including still images, Reels, story posts, TikToks, and YouTube videos.

In total, we reached over 1 million people across all three platforms, and we shattered our sales goals for the campaign.