CLS Holdings Q&A


Describe CLS Holdings’ journey into the cannabis industry. How and when did it happen?

CLS Holdings USA, Inc. purchased Oasis Cannabis Dispensary in mid-2018, and the City Trees brand shortly thereafter, quickly becoming one of Nevada’s premier vertically integrated cannabis companies.

What makes CLS Holdings unique?

CLS and its subsidiaries, while certainly a true seed-to-sale vertically integrated cannabis company, have grown strategically with its smaller footprint compared to other large MSOs. With only one retail subsidiary and one fully established brand, CLS has focused on maintaining strict quality standards and staying engaged with their local communities.

What are your hopes for the future of the cannabis industry? Are there any changes or advancements you’d like to see?

CLS is committed to helping establish a more sustainable cannabis industry. The Company seeks out environmentally friendly options wherever possible, from packaging to daily use items. The Company recognizes the tremendous impact that the cannabis industry has on the environment due to strict packaging regulations and extremely high water use required to cultivate cannabis in harsh environments.

What inspired the City Trees Sustain Your State initiative?

As noted prior, we are committed to giving back to where we take from.  In order to offset our impact, we partner with the Arbor Day Foundation and donate a portion of proceeds from every sale of our City Trees products to plant trees.


City Trees uses some proprietary extraction techniques. What’s the main driver behind your innovation, and how do you stay out in front of an ever-evolving landscape?

Our understanding of the cannabis plant is constantly changing, and along with that, extraction technology overall. Our extraction and conversion facility in North Las Vegas is led by a renowned pharmacist and a dedicated team of extraction technicians with over 20 years of combined experience. Our primary market in Nevada is also still changing and growing every day, and there’s lots of room for explosive growth of new products and innovative new processes. We stay ahead by paying close attention to statewide retail trends, growing product categories, and using the blueprints provided by observing more mature markets to see what’s going to move the needle, and where.

Oasis Cannabis has thrived amidst the COVID pandemic and associated lockdowns. How do you attribute your success, and what advice would you give other business owners?

Our Company pivoted faster than any of our competitors when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and we were able to establish new SOPs for safe, compliant modes of service overnight, including more robust delivery and curbside platforms. As unemployment surged last year, we knew people would continue turning to cannabis as a means of stress relief and other medical uses. We were uniquely positioned to help them with accessible pricing, high quality products, and outstanding customer service.