Cannabis Data

Get a complete view of the cannabis and hemp industries with our data reports and analytics. We give you access to everything you need to make informed decisions, including digital trends, consumer reports, industry reports, brand reports, country reports, forecasts, and more.

Choose from our curated library of ready-to-go white papers and analytics, or work with us to develop a fully customized report tailored specifically to your business and market.

Our data reports are expertly researched, regularly updated, and formatted to give you actionable insights for efficient decision making.

Cannabis Data and Analytics Reports


Digital & Trend Reports

Get high-quality, in-depth information on important and emerging cannabis industry trends. From cybersecurity to e-commerce and virtual reality (VR), our reports cover all trends your business should be analyzing and using to make future decisions.


Brand & Company Reports

Get information and insights on the top players and companies in every cannabis industry vertical. Our company and brand reports contain thorough company overviews and statistics on revenue, size, company value, stock price, competition, and more.


Consumer Reports

Our consumer reports provide you with a 360 view of your existing and potential customers in any geographical market. Get access to data on buying behavior, shopping preferences, attitudes, and other aspects of cannabis and hemp product consumers.


Market Reports

If you're considering entering into a new cannabis market, our reports are a great jumping-off point. We'll help you understand the crucial economic, political, and legal aspects of any cannabis or hemp market, and its consumers.

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