Cannabis Consulting and Marketing Firm Goes Through Rebrand After 11 Years

Philadelphia, PA — With the rapid growth of the cannabis industry in the US and abroad, demand for niche-specific consulting, advertising, marketing, and design services are continuing to grow exponentially. Baby boomer Claudia Post and Millennial Jonathan Monk are leading the charge.


Over 11 years ago, MOST launched as Smokin’ Hot Solutions – “We create the buzz”. Their name and brand represented who they were, and the demographics of cannabis business owners at the time, but not now, because things have changed dramatically. As time went on, their agency and expertise, as well as their reputation spread. 

In 2019 they knew that it was time to meet the “new” industry, so they planned their rebrand. Stepping into 2020, their new brand MOST Consulting Group represents who they are now, the types of clients they are working with, their new service offerings, and their mission as a company. That mission is to “challenge the status quo, offer an expanded level of thinking, and achieve sustainable success for cannabis industry companies.”

With their 11 years in this explosive industry, they know they are in the right place at the right time. Their work has taken them across the US and abroad, working with dispensaries, growers & processors, hemp farms, testing labs, CBD companies, smoking accessories companies, and more. In the ultra-competitive world of cannabis, companies are looking for new ways to stand out from the pack, and that’s why they hire MOST.

Strategy, marketing, and advertising for cannabis companies are like no other. There are tremendous restructure challenges, as well as advertising restrictions and laws to navigate. These barriers have pushed them to be extremely creative and color outside the traditional challenges. 

They are ever-evolving, innovating, and thinking differently, and that’s what distinguishes them the MOST. To learn more about MOST and how they are helping companies in the cannabis industry, visit their website or reach out to them at